10 good TV shows to stream over the holidays



We don’t just play videogames at PC gamer. Sometimes we watch other people play videogames on Twitch. And sometimes we watch actors on TV pretend to be characters we know and like from videogames. And sometimes we just watch regular TV shows. So, we’re normal, more or less. 

Like many other normal people, we’ve made a habit of sharing TV recommendations with each other, which has been especially useful this year, when even if you’re burnt out on videogames, there’s not much to do but go for walks outside if you can or find something else to do at home. We thought we’d share some of those recommendations, so if you’re looking for some non-interactive entertainment over the holidays, here are some of the shows we’ve been bugging each other to watch.

We’ve put this list together with a slight bias for new shows and shows that are at least vaguely related to gaming, but we’ve also included some old anime just because, as well as a show based on an NBC Sports promo, so the emphasis is on slight.

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