10 ways to prep for (and ace) a security job interview



Editor’s note: This article, originally published on January 15, 2014, has been updated to more accurately reflect recent trends. 

The shortage of cybersecurity workers is well known, with studies showing that millions more professionals are needed to meet the increasing demand for skilled talent in this profession.

The 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study from the nonprofit professional organization (ISC)² estimates that the global workforce shortage stands at 3.12 million, and it estimates that employment in the field needs to grow by 41% in the United States and 89% worldwide in order to fill the talent gap.

But don’t let those figures go to your head if you’re looking for a job.

Hiring managers, recruiters and career consultants all say they’re working hard to find the right candidate for every open position. They’re carefully reviewing resumes and they’re using interviews to separate the best from the rest.

So if you’re looking to impress, what should you do? Here experts offer 10 ways to prep for and ultimately ace a security job interview:

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