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20 Year Old Student Grows Some Of The Biggest Businesses Around The World

The rise of influencers and Youtube stars over the past decade has meant that people are influenced by social media and digital stars more than ever. But what if there was an entity that turned the cogs of these social media stars and online trends.

Today we take a look at another form of digital star, but this isn’t a viral tweeter, Instagram model or TikTok dancer, this is an entrepreneur and marketing guru that guides what form the next trend will take. Crum Consult is a management consulting film and digital marketing strategist firm founded by Cameron Batt, a self-proclaimed “new age consultant”. The firm is responsible for some of the most successful digital marketing campaigns ranging from B2B companies to global conglomerates. There’s nothing surprising about a notable consulting firm working with large companies or creating successful marketing campaigns. The surprise comes from the person at the helm of these campaigns.

What Does A Consultant Do?

There are misconceptions surrounding what a business consultant does, as there are different types of consultants. As this article is about Crum Consult, who better to ask than the founder of the firm about what it means to be a consultant.

“Being a consultant means that we solve problems that businesses face, essentially”. Cameron proceeded to state that his firm “covers all sectors and provides solutions for all aspects of business excluding financial consulting”. From what he says, the job description of a consultant depends on what type of consulting you are providing, but for a management consultant and all-round firm, the one thing that should be at the forefront of operations is to fulfill a clients request. This can include marketing, implementing new tech or even helping find a new executive to fill a role.

What Is Crum Consult?

Despite being a consulting firm, clients have described the entity as a “Ray Donovan style fixer, but for all matters business”. The company was founded in 2020, already amassing some large scale B2B and B2C clients. But what does the firm actually do?

Crum incorporates the fundamental services of a marketing agency with the offerings of a management consultant. The basic services that are offered are digital marketing based, such as SEO, link building, PR and web-design. However, business consulting is the firm’s bread and butter. According to the founder, the company consults businesses of all sizes, in all industries, anywhere in the world. Clients include pharmaceutical companies, aviation manufacturers. With client budgets ranging from hundreds of dollars per month, to larger budgets of hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. But how does someone get into consulting? What do you have to do to build a business of this size at only 20?

Who Is Cameron Batt?

The founder of Crum Consult is somewhat of a marketing wonder-boy and is responsible for bringing businesses back from the dead with the marketing and consulting campaigns that his firm offers. We spoke to the owner of one of London’s most popular consulting firms about how exactly he got into the consulting role and he got started at such an early age. In his own words:

Getting into consulting seemed like a natural progression for me, I’d launched several successful business on my own in the past and I felt like helping other business owners find success was my forte. The last business that I had was a fintech app, which I sold and then decided to start Crum Consult. I’d started my first business in 2012, which was a small ecommerce site, between then and now I’ve worked on hundreds of businesses and thousands of individual projects. These projects range from small marketing campaigns for local businesses, all the way to global marketing campaigns for conglomerates. Consulting isn’t the easiest business to get into, but it is the most rewarding for me. I enjoy the flexibility and excitement that it brings, the factor of not-knowing what client is going to call up next is incredibly exciting. The workday starts and I may be on the phone to a client in Paris, with a meeting scheduled for a client in Tokyo straight after. It is an enticing lifestyle, especially to other people who only see a young-person being compensated so well. Although, starting a consulting firm is one thing.. to make it successful is another. Bringing in clients can be a difficult task, with competition being so stiff in big cities. However, due to the experience and resources that I’ve managed to amass over the years, the work that myself and the team carries out is really the gold standard for any firm. We provide guarantees to our clients that not many consulting firms can, this is how much I believe in our practices.

Why do you still attend university if you already run a large services firm?

I enjoy the environment, social life and extra-knowledge that studying brings. In my world, there aren’t too many people of my age, so it’s nice to have the social balance that attending university brings. You can never know too much and I’ve even felt like my area of study can be incorporated into my consulting work. It shows that people of any age can start a business and don’t have to sacrifice every aspect of their social life for it to be successful.


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