4 reasons you should protect your computer with Malwarebytes



(Pocket-lint) – Installing antivirus software on your computer of choice isn’t necessarily the most glamourous thing – it can be a bit of a chore, which is why plenty of people overlook it and simply don’t bother.

That’s not the way forward, though! The web might be something we’re all used to, or grew up with, by now, but it’s still a risky place if you’re not being sensible. That’s why having a program like Malwarebytes is an absolute must, to ensure that you can browse in total safety. We’ve gathered four reasons why you should think about picking it up. 

1. Total online protection

Installing Malwarebytes is a really good way, in one simple step, to protect yourself from a whole range of nasty surprises that could be in store for those who aren’t quite so careful. 

It’ll give you the ability to quickly and easily scan your entire computer, and external storage if connected, for any form of malware or spyware, and have it quarantined and removed, to keep you private and safe. It’ll also actively monitor for new threats and warn you as you browse the web, to make sure that you don’t stumble into anything that you’d be better of avoiding. 

All this without slowing down your computer, or taking up much space at all. It’s a brilliant bit of software, and makes everything so easy. 

2. Optional VPN

Plus, you can also bundle Malwarebytes with the optional Privacy package which adds a superb virtual private network (VPN) into the package. This lets you go a step further and render yourself completely anonymous by masking your identity through proxy servers.

These can be all over the world, letting you see what streaming libraries on services like Netflix are like in other countries, and be confident that no one is tracking you activity, either for the purpose of serving you with annoying ads, or more nefarious aims. 

3. Protect all your devices

One of the best features of Malwarebytes is also how adaptable it is to your exact situation – there are apps for all manner of devices, to ensure that you can protect yourself even if you’re not browsing the web on a traditional computer. There are versions for Windows and Mac, of course, as well as for Android and iOS, which helps protect mobile use. 

There’s even an extension for Chrome so that you can use it in-browser, which is really helpful and gives you loads of control right at your fingertips. It’s a simple and helpful way to make sure that you’re protected regardless of the exact situation. 

4. Save big

The best reason to grab Malwarebytes right now, though, is that you can save an absolute bundle of cash – it’s got a superb extended Holiday Sale going until January 31st, knocking 40% off the price of both its antivirus and privacy bundles, letting you get in on the act without having to save up or break that piggy bank.

This means that you don’t have to worry about high costs – and you can move on safe in the knowledge that you’re protected. Check out the Malwarebytes Extended Holiday Sale now for the full details, and be quick, as it ends on January 31st. 


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