5 Best Mobile Phones Right Now: You’ll Be Speechless



Amazon Prime Day is over, but there’s still time to bargain: here are five very attractive smartphones for value for money

Not everyone can afford to buy one Smartphone Top D Gamma, but there are those who consider flagships redundant based on their usage. Autonomy, good reception, large screen are often the three main characteristics of devices that are most attentive to the quality-price ratio.

Top 5 Mobiles
Xiaomi 11T Pro (Screenshot YouTube)

Three characteristics that we find in many people Cheap smartphone, and it is the precise cheapness of these proposals that makes the compromise more acceptable. Because if someone finds it unbearable to spend big sums and give up something (fast charging, battery life, photographs not at the top, for example), so is a self-respecting cheap smartphone, which is made for values. Meaning, it might surprise the average user because of its completeness.

Screen with refresh rate and quality, good photographs and acceptable performance: even low-cost models can offer a satisfactory user experience. But what are these smartphones and how to choose them? We offer you Five propositions Which, in our opinion, is the best you can choose right now in terms of value for money.

first of all Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. It features the new standard of data connectivity, supports attractive basic storage (128 GB) and sports a classic good quality panel like Samsung. And if we add this

Top 5 Mobiles
Galaxy A53 (Screenshot Samsung)

Good battery (5,000 mAh) and a complete interface (OneUI), here are the perfect low-cost smartphone components. Yes, the cost: in many cases it does not exceed 400 euros.

Buying the latest model does not always lead to great benefits. Let’s take the case OnePlus 8T, is still one of the best OnePlus smartphones made by the Chinese company today. Despite not having a flagship camera (but still valid for its price range, not more than 400 euros), the device can count on very valid performance, good fast charging, simple but elegant design and some accessories (such as the Chinese general alert slider company) a lot. Android may be jealous. An alternative? The OnePlus Nord 2TVery complete and very convenient when purchased using some coupons available on the official OnePlus website.

The best smartphone under 450 euros

The hero of the last Amazon Prime Day, Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G It will certainly be chosen by many as a new smartphone. It costs 399 euros in the version with 8 GB of RAM memory and 128 GB of storage, a very competitive price due to some notable features: 108 megapixel camera, compatible with 5G and 5,000 mAh battery with “lightning” fast charging. .

Finally, theOppo Reno 6 5G, well built and decorated with a good quality 32 megapixel front camera. It is definitely among the best offers within 459 euros.


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