5 mistakes you still make when buying a new mobile



Before buying a new mobile, try to avoid these common mistakes so that you don’t regret your choice later.

5 mistakes you still make when buying a new mobile

Buying a new mobile phone is a complicated process Many details must be taken into account: price, design, camera, screen, processor, battery… There are so many aspects that affect the success of the purchase that it is possible that you made a mistake when buying a new smartphone. So that the choice is perfect and you do not regret it after a while, in this article we explain What mistakes do you still make while buying a mobile?.

arising from these errors Not considering account details such as terminal weight, don’t leave your comfort zone without looking at the previous price of the model or betting on another brand of smartphone. It is important that you analyze all these aspects, as a mobile is an expensive device that involves a large investment to buy Fortunately, we told you about the failure They have a simple solutionEspecially if you take into account the information we have provided below.

Trasera Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

Before buying a mobile, there are some pitfalls that you should try to avoid.

Don’t trust other brands

On many occasions, we prefer to buy a mobile from our trusted brand and look no further. this It limits us a lot when it comes to having options, because it forces us to see only the manufacturer’s catalog that you give total priority to. For example, if you’ve always had a Samsung phone, you might be Don’t want to try other brands of smartphones.

This is something you may regret in the future, because in the market There are many manufacturers you can trust: OPPO, Motorola, Xiaomi, realme, OnePlus… all of them have very diverse catalogs and probably among them you will find a mobile which More tailored to what you’re looking for, even at a better price than your trusted brand.

Not considering the dimensions and weight of the mobile

Side of Motorola Edge 30

Motorola Edge 30 is one of the slimmest 5G smartphones on the market today / Photo: Christian Collado

Another common mistake is not taking into account Importance of dimensions and weight Please note that it’s in the terminal A device that will be in your hand for several hours every day, so it is especially important that it is comfortable. As we say, these are the two aspects that we usually ignore, which forces us to deal with a mobile that is not pleasant to use.

The fault can be on both sides: that the mobile is too thin and light, or that It seems uncomfortable to you due to its large size and heaviness. Before you decide on a model, keep that in mind About 8.5 millimeters thick and weighs 190-195 grams. If you want a thin and light mobile, you can discover the best thin and light mobiles you can buy.

Storage is not given the importance it deserves

The most common thing is that your new mobile will be with you for a few years, so it is important to give storage the importance it deserves. Most recommended that Choose the model with 128 GB of internal memory, although it requires investing a little more money. You probably won’t miss that spot in the first few weeks, but you will when you’ve been using it for months.

Apps are taking up more space y Photographs obtained by the camera are large, so if you choose a 32 GB or 64 GB mobile the internal storage will start running out after a while. If you do not want to receive warnings about insufficient space soon or Low phone performance, a 128 GB smartphone is a safe purchase. If you don’t mind investing a little more money, you can bet on a mobile with more internal storage.

Do not look at price history

If you want to find your money, it is never a good idea to buy the mobile in the first store. is most recommended Look at the same model in different stores To compare, and even use tools that inform you about the price history of the terminal. For example, for Amazon you can use Camelizer, an extension for Google Chrome It shows you the different prices the mobile has had since its launch.

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This way, you can Find out if the price you have now is normal, if it’s likely to fall again in the immediate future or if you should take advantage of the current price because it’s a bargain. It is best if you are not in a hurry to buy a mobile Wait a few days until you find the best priceSo you can save a good amount of euros.

Don’t invest a little more money

We all try to save money when buying a new phone, but sometimes We are very limited in our budget, which leads us to regret a few days later for not investing a little more. For example, going back to the storage issue, in many cases the difference between the 64 GB and 128 GB models is only a few euros. when it It’s worth spending a little more for a better experience. Long term.

It’s basically based on that, on making an economic effort (whenever possible, of course). Get a quality experience for several years. If you avoid such mistakes, you will quietly enjoy your mobile without any regrets in case of choice.


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