5 New Telegram Features You Missed


Yesterday we talked about the latest Telegram update for Android, where WhatsApp was the main competitor Big news presentation. It’s been a long time since this app presented a serious competition to WhatsApp, and they do nothing but improve the aspects that set it apart the most.

Despite talking about the update yesterday, we think that Telegram is bringing some new features with it. Deserves a little more attention. For this reason, we’re going to break down 4 new Telegram features you might have missed.

Feedback for everyone, unlimited for premium

5 New Telegram Features You Missed

Telegram has given new wings to premium users with this latest update

It’s been a while since we talked about Telegram Premium and what it offers for just 5 euros per month. Among the things paid users have taken before were some specific responses, which Now available for everyone.

However, there are still some limitations to free user feedback. Premium users Have access to an infinite number of responses. The response panel, by the way, has been redesigned and is now expandable.

Animated emoji status, also for premium users

Paid users also benefit from this facility. These users can now Add an animated emoji that replaces the starwhich acts as a Telegram premium badge

Telegram offers the possibility to have one of 7 standard states that change their color to combine with different Telegram themes, or choose from Unlimited number of custom emojis. The app will also offer popular suggestions at the top of the emoji panel.

New username link

5 New Telegram Features You Missed

New user binding format in Android

Until now all usernames appeared on the form t.me/nombredeusuario. With the new format, from now on can be seen in the form nombredeusuario.t.me.

Prioritize downloads, a long awaited feature

This feature first appeared on Android. Through this we can Manage download priority Moving files higher (or lower) in the list of downloaded files.

Login code

For those who frequently log in and out of their Telegram account, the app provides an easy way to log into their account. It will be sent to these users Login code to their email addresses, or they will be allowed to sign in using Google or Apple services

Telegram theme icons for Android 13

5 New Telegram Features You Missed

Telegram has introduced a new themed icon for Android 13 users

As part of the minor innovations that Telegram introduces in this latest update, Android 13 users have the possibility Add a Telegram telematics icon. This icon automatically blends with the user’s phone’s dark mode and highlight color settings.

These are the new features of Telegram that we think you missed after its update was introduced. We are confident that Telegram will continue to promote news in the future One of the best messaging apps today.

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