6 Insightful Audiobooks To Listen To Over The Holidays



I’m a sucker for a good audiobook, mostly because I’m constantly reading at home. I like to queue them up when I’m driving on long trips, and during the pandemic they have been a godsend. Here are my favorites from the last year that stuck in my synapses.

1. The Practice

Audible.comThe Practice

Seth Godin is the true master of insightful books. When you listen in audiobook format, you can clue into his innovative ideas about how to do business with more purpose.

2. Britain at Bay

Audible.comBritain at Bay

I was blown away by this gripping account of Britain during WWII, especially the introduction chapter about false perceptions of Englanders from The Lord of the Rings during this time.

3. The Sandman

Audible.comThe Sandman

The full production for this audiobooks makes it ideal for long car rides and sitting at home in lockdown (hopefully only for a while longer with vaccines coming).

4. Dream Big

Audible.comDream Big

One of my all-time favorite authors has a lot to say about ambition, making plans that stick, and following your heart in a way that is funny, insightful, and totally reality based.

5. Indistractable


Released last year but highly relevant for this year, this audiobook will help you deal with constant distraction. The real answer? Being intentional with your time.

6. Talking to Strangers

Audible.comTalking to Strangers

Much has been said about Malcolm Gladwell already, but you may not know his latest book in audio format is more like a radio program with a full cast of characters.


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