6 reasons why playing with your normal mobile is not the best option



If you always thought that your flagship is the best mobile for gaming, you might not be right.

6 reasons why playing with your normal mobile is not the best option

We have it clear. More and more games are coming out for Android and iPhone mobiles. While it is true that these phones are ready to play, Video games with very high graphics do not provide the best possible experience while playing.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Gaming

Some mobiles perform poorly in video games

To do this, what we usually do is reduce the graphics of the game in question to avoid overheating or latency issues. But today we are going to tell you. Why it might not be a very good idea to play demanding games on our regular smartphones.

1. Your smartphone is not designed for long gaming sessions

Generally, companies usually offer us different types of mobile terminals. In the case of a typical mobile, manufacturers focus on portability, usability and light weight.. They make thinner terminals, which have less battery than mobile phones made for gaming. Therefore, you will need to charge your mobile first to be able to continue playing for longer sessions.

However, a mobile designed for gaming is usually thicker to have a better battery and cooling system, which helps the battery last longer while you play.

2. FPS: Another “Battery Killer”

Mobile panels usually have different refresh rates. In a standard mobile, this refresh rate usually varies between 60 and 120Hz. Of course “adaptive refresh rate” sounds familiar to us. This technology has been adapted by manufacturers to offer a variable screen refresh depending on the application we are using. Another great idea to save our battery.

In case of gaming mobiles, They are designed to withstand high refresh rates and do not lose battery power like a normal device. So, of course, a mobile with maximum refresh rate should cost more than a normal gaming mobile.

3. Sampling rate, that great differentiator that few know about

We all know the refresh rate or Hz of a panel, but not all of us know the sample rate. To explain what sampling rate is and why it is important if we want to play, we comment that the speed at which our smartphone communicates with the touch of our fingers. Namely, Bar it checks the screen that we are interacting with it.

6 reasons why playing with your normal mobile is not the best option

Nubia Red Magic 7 Refresh Rate Banner

Why is this important in certain video games? There are some video games (especially competitive ones) that require a quick response from us If we have a lower sample rate, it will take longer to interact with the video game. Otherwise, if our sample rate is high, We can have a more fluid experience with the video game we are playing.

In recent years, manufacturers including Nubia’s RedMagic or Xiaomi’s BlackShark have increased the sampling rate of screens to make the experience more fluid.

4. Overheating… our smartphone’s worst enemy

It will happen to all of us. Whenever we play or have a mobile phone with demanding applications and above all, during the summer season, we understand That our terminal is overheating more than For this companies try to improve their refrigeration system.

Still, there are terminals, such as the current flagship They are still unprepared To be able to face the load of video games and the terminals are still unable to drain all the heat. From experience, I can tell you that this has been my case with the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

Xiaomi Blaxk Shark 4 Pro Neon

The Xiaomi Lox black Shark is generally a good gaming phone at a decent price

So what’s the difference with a gaming smartphone? The companies that make these devices think about these issues and choose, for example, Nubia with its RedMagic 6S Pro. Include an internal fan in your device, which makes the cooling better and we rarely notice any issues while playing. quite early

Other brands increase their cooling system without using fans and also get very good results. We now understand why gaming phones are thick and heavy.

5. You protrude your phone, interrupting the processor

Related to the previous point, there is the processor. every time Processors have gotten more powerful over the years. This means that processors require more abuse to avoid damage. If not a good waste of our smartphone processors, we will see that over time Begins to lose FPS, freezing games at their most stressful moments.

Upon entering a temperature spike, the processor Will stop applications trying to dissipate maximum temperature.Made on mobile, dissipation is high, so games generally have high durability. The extra RAM that these devices usually come with also helps games run smoothly.

6. Smartphone body improvements are also included

While it’s true that normal phones are designed to have less aggressive lines and be more beautiful, gaming phones are Additional buttons to aid the gaming experience.

Lenovo Legion

Legion phones have a more aggressive line for the gamer public

In gaming mobiles, we usually have buttons tactile or physical which act as triggers for shooting games or “shooters”. other instruments, They have a sensitive area behind them. The lines of these devices are more aggressive, as is the case with phones like the Lenovo Legion.

Every problem can have a solution

It may be clear to us that as we mentioned above, normal mobile manufacturers may experience problems during long gaming sessions. But before buying a new gaming mobile, all the problems can be solved.


Xiaomi’s Black Shark Magnetic Heatsink could be the solution to the overheating problem

In this case, there is Accessories that can help us One of the biggest problems is heating Mobile cooling fan.


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