8 new and upcoming games with LGBTQ+ characters and narratives



Find yourself hit with intense feelings of gay yearning? We’ve gathered up eight new and upcoming PC games that feature queer characters and narratives to help you round out your game library or annoy your friends with as you gush about them. 

For PC Gaming Week 2020, we’ve found everything from classic visual novels and dating sims to interactive fiction, dungeon crawlers, and cyberpunk adventures. So, if you’re a cottagecore lesbian looking for a cute game to pass the time with, a sword gay who dreams of romancing your favorite weapon, or a non-binary person who is longing for the day you can finally have the hot robot body you deserve, there’s a game out there for you to look forward to. 

Upcoming queer games at a glance:

  1. Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp
  2. Boyfriend Dungeon
  3. Goodbye Volcano High
  4. Lore Finder
  5. Read Only Memories: Neurodiver
  6. Souls Unguarded
  7. Best Friend Forever
  8. We Should Talk

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

(Image credit: Beautiful Glitch)

1. Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

Developer: Beautiful Glitch | Publisher: Beautiful Glitch | Release Date: Q4 2020 | Platform: PC

Developer and publisher, Beautiful Glitch, raised over €535,000 (about $610,000, £485,000, AU$872,000) through Kickstarter to create a sequel to their hit dating sim, Monster Prom. In the sequel, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp, there are many of the same mechanics as the first game: a time limit to find a date, different areas to visit, and multiplayer. Beautiful Glitch has added six new romanceable characters as well as new minigames to keep gameplay fresh and fun. You’ll build campfires and mix cocktails on your quest to impress your crush, and Beautiful Glitch has promised a few surprises as well.

Boyfriend Dungeon

(Image credit: Kitfox Games)

2. Boyfriend Dungeon

Developer: Kitfox Games | Publisher: Kitfox Games | Release Date: Late 2020 | Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch


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