80 Days studio inkle is working on a gorgeous game about hiking in the Scottish Highlands



Not long after the release of their latest game Pendragon, indie developer inkle teased their next project via the twitter hashtag #UntitledHighlandGame. The clue’s in the name—the game, which inkle promises does have an actual name that’s yet to be revealed, is set to be about hiking in the Scottish Highlands. “In some ways it’s very similar to our previous games—it’s about travel, it’s replayable, and has a strong branching narrative,” inkle co-founder Joseph Humfrey writes on the game’s development blog, “In other ways, it’s very different. This game has a side-on perspective and has 2D platforming elements, which is very much uncharted territory for us!”

So far, the blog has charted the game’s development through the art, starting with concept art for the main character, which has evolved from a red-haired girl designed by inkle’s in-house artist Anastasia Wyatt to a different girl developed by illustrator and art director Paul Scott Canavan. “In all of our past games the art direction has been primarily my responsibility. I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, and although I love art and I have artistic opinions, I’ve often been stretched a bit thin, especially on Heaven’s Vault,” Humfrey writes, “[…]So, we dropped Paul Scott Canavan an email. Just a few minutes later, and we had an enthusiastic yes!”  


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