A counter statement on bloated batteries in Samsung phones


A few days ago, well-known tech YouTubers reported that they were increasingly noticing swollen batteries on unused Samsung smartphones. Significantly higher than other manufacturers. Big problem with the Galaxy series? Now there is a counter-argument.

What famous colleagues noticed did not occur to other colleagues. Two of perhaps the biggest Samsung websites on the net checked together over 100 Galaxy devices that they have in stock – and came up with an exciting result.

Samsung has a problem (not).

Sammobile And GalaxyClub jointly reported that they found almost no devices with a bloated battery out of more than 100 Galaxy phones in stock since their tests. Only a Galaxy S4 has attracted attention with a slightly thicker battery.

Of course, this is not hard evidence. Neither from one side nor from the other. As a conclusion, we can probably only say that Samsung smartphones usually do not suffer from problems.

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