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It was undoubtedly one of the pillars of the evolution of technology. There will certainly be many surprises in the future: with approaching other worlds, nothing is certain. Who is the monster here about which there is so much discussion.

Until a few years ago, Blackberry It was considered as one of the leading brands in the telephony sector. Who hasn’t been with cell phone historians at least once in their lives Qwerty keyboard. The advent of smartphones and the explosion of Samsung and Apple put an end to this phenomenon, perhaps definitively.

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In fact, it now seems certain that the Canadian company will have a new core business Software using automated QNX, presented this year and which is preparing to arrive in more than 215 million vehicles. This number has increased by 20 million compared to 2021. These are the important figures, which make BlackBerry the leader in the sector. Prominent names among the brands adopting this technology viz BMW, Bosch, Continental, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota and Visteon.

Blackberry, all details of QNX operating system for cars

Blackberry 20220714 cellulari.it
It will focus everything on its vehicle software, which is already available in many vehicles from prestigious brands around the world (screenshot).

From what emerged, this success Blackberry Almost led to a backlog of royalties 560 million dollars By the end of the first quarter of fiscal year 2023. “We are delighted to have achieved this result. Connected and autonomous vehicles are key to the development of smart cities. Thus, as the two key sectors served by BlackBerry, IoT and Cybersecurity, converge into an interdependent and integrated market, our growth in the automotive sector will accelerate the emergence of a smart, reliable world.” explained the BlackBerry CEO John Chen

This time the target is for the Canadian giant Expand further, to reach increasingly important goals in both success and earnings. Ensuring system-wide innovation, developers work to integrate useful information. We’ll talk about it in the coming weeks. For a success that doesn’t seem to want to stop.

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