A large Le Creuset Dutch oven, cast iron roaster and stockpot are on sale



It’s almost fall and lovers of fine French cookware should get excited. Le Creuset is the creme de la creme in cookware, and the iconic kitchen brand is dropping prices on a few best-sellers to usher in fall cooking. You can snag a large 6.75-quart Dutch oven for just $250, for instance, which is $130 off the normal price. There’s also a carbon-steel stockpot with vintage appeal marked down to $120 and a 7-quart cast-iron roaster for $85 off, down to $200 right now.

If you don’t know about Le Creuset, there probably isn’t a cookware brand more recognizable or respected by professional chefs and serious home cooks. It’s become something of a kitchen status symbol, but that’s because these French cookware crafters have been making some of the best enameled cast-iron kitchen and cookware for nearly a century now. It’s all built to last a literal lifetime (seriously, these things get passed down through generations). Oh, and they look pretty great, too. The limited-run fall includes everything a large Dutch ovens, a steel stockpots with a vintage vibe and signature cast-iron roaster for all your holiday feasts. Each is available 11 of in Le Creuset’s famously warm and whimsical hues. 

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Bonus: With any purchase of $300 Le Creuset will include a free salt-and-pepper-mill set when you plug in special code FLAVOR at checkout.

Le Creuset

A Le Creuset Dutch oven isn’t just a reliable and versatile piece of cookware, it’s practically a family heirloom for many cooks. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal on the enameled cast-iron oven in this largest size. Best of all, it’s available in 11 fun colors at this sale price.

Le Creuset

Casseroles, holiday roasts, shepherd’s pie and even desserts. There’s a lot you can do with this roaster and it’s down $85 for the large 7-quart size. The signature roaster is coated in easy-to-clean ceramic but with a sturdy cast-iron base that holds heat.  

Le Creuset

It is definitely stockpot season and this carbon-steel number is down $30. Perfect for everything from boiling pasta water, to chowders, stews and chilis. This one comes in smaller sizes if you want and available in 10-plus colors. 


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