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The US government agency FCC has predicted the future of an unprecedented Apple device. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items

We are moving fast WWDC 2022 June which will be the theater Apple News Which will involve both hardware and software. Two points that will mutually complement and unveil Apple’s strategy for 2022. Its referenceiOS 16 release As well as iPadOS 16 And new updates for Apple Watch, TVOS and Mac.

Mysterious Apple FCC device
The FCC database confirms the mysterious Apple device (AdobeStock)

Still, Apple’s early June event will be the scene of the hardware announcement. Not for the smartphone industry, given the recent release iPhone SE 2022 And a soft (or rather isolated) reception of consumers, but devices that need to enlarge the accessory sector. In this sense, certainty is represented by a Apple AirPods Pro 2 Which has been talked about for quite some time, its debut Apple visitorsScheduled for 2022: It could be the ultimate star of WWDC 2022 (actually, it should be), but it could also be the “next big thing” of the original September note that will approve. Release of iPhone 14.

There must not be a third device between these two “fires”, which is still unpublished, although the US Certification Body’s documents are widely expected. FCC.

Apple Device: What is the network adapter under consideration by Cupertino

Mysterious Apple FCC device
Apple describes the device as a network adapter (screenshot 9To5Mac)

Reported by its editorial staff 9 to 5 MacApple has filed a sample unit for a device marked with the code name “A2657“And listed by the same American monster”Network adapter“Even when an object uses radio frequencies for its activity, passage and approval by the agency is essential before a large-scale launch. Apple therefore sent a sample unit on January 22 and is waiting for the body’s response.

But what is it more specifically? We don’t have much information yet, but dossier confirms the presence Gigabit Ethernet port, A USB Type-C port and NFC and Bluetooth connection. The mysterious Apple device has 32 GB of storage space and 1.5 GB of RAM inside. This device will also be animated by iOS 15.5 And, like Studio displayProcessors should be taken advantage of Apple silicone.

That said, it is possible to put some speculation ahead, despite the feeling that the Apple device should still run for the role. Mac accessory. Among the bench estimates is a network hub for the Mac, a replacement for it Airport Even a 27 or 32 inch monitor. There are many speculations and because the process is not yet complete and Apple has signed a non-disclosure agreement by November 2022, the device should not debut at WWDC 2022.


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