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Although its ownership batman The video game industry has been active in recent years, with the release of Gotham Knights The most recent case being, and the character has appeared in the LEGO titles, Injustice and Multiversus, it has been quite some time since the last adventure starring this hero. luckily, A new leak indicates that this will change soon.

According to a document from the US Federal Trade Commission, Camouflage, its developer Iron Man VRThey will be working on a new Batman game in virtual reality for the Meta. Unfortunately, beyond this reveal, no further details are given regarding its release date, or potential release on other VR platforms.

Clearly, Meta is doing its best to keep its platform growing and a Batman game would be something that many would love. Let’s remember that we’ve seen a Batman game in VR in the pastAnd consider that Iron Man VR It was quite an entertaining experience, the camouflage must have done a great job.

Now we can only wait for an official release, Which could be during Game Awards. On a related note, here are five underrated Batman games. Similarly, Premiere is released for Windows Batman 2.


Editor’s comments.

A new Batman game that many have been waiting for. Considering Rocksteady has moved on to new projects, another installment in the Arkham series probably won’t happen, but this property still has a lot of potential. It’s just a matter of someone coming up with an interesting idea.

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