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The diverse world of social media reigns supreme in the ranking of the world’s most downloaded applications. The portrait of this time: Be it news, personal information, memes, stories, comments and shares, even official statements of politicians, VIPs, everything goes through social media.

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Its apps meta They are always there, no longer dominating the world of social media, but always stable in the top ten: insAmong young people, Mark Zuckerberg’s flagship tagram, what Facebook was in the past, among which Millennium It is considered past, as a boomer.

After a rather troubled 2021, this year WhatsApp is strengthening its leadership in instant messaging. All thanks to the great development of the California application: the possibility of who is viewing your profile (for both iOS and Android) and much more, in the incognito browsing. WhatsApp An ever-glaring disregard for Telegram’s expansionist goals Which is riding the wave of a screaming 2021.

Three lakh downloads in one day

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Naturally Snapchat In the top ten of the top-applications, the biggest news comes from the podium, where Instagram’s stability is seen as a relief by Meta, this 2022 provisional ranking has an effective finish. It’s no longer TikTok, the most downloaded app in the world right now. Chinese app able to surpass even giants Google In 2021 (which became the most clicked brand in 2021) it was overtaken by a non-social in the middle of the year. Be Real is making headlines, only in the US for now, but reverberating worldwide.

BeReal is a French social media application released in 2020, exactly the year of the coronavirus pandemic. It was developed by Alexis Barrett. After several years of relative obscurity, it literally exploded earlier this year, flying in mid-2022.

Its main feature is a daily notification that encourages users to share photos of themselves and their surroundings in a randomly selected two-minute window each day. Critics noted his emphasis on authenticity, which some felt crossed the line into worldliness.

Numbers supporting the rise of BeReal: According to its newsletter Casey NewtonThe Transalpine application has positioned itself in first place this 2022 for an estimated 30 million downloads in the States, 330 thousand in one day, Sunday July 17 on record.

long wave BeReal Also in Italy: At the moment, BeReal ranks sixth among social network apps for iOS, behind only Well-known whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook and the like. TikTok has warned in advance, the armband.

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