A new look for the next season of AoT Atomics


Although at this point there is still no exact release date for the third part of the fourth season Attack on Titan, MAPPA is hard at work on this project, and they don’t want fans to forget about Eren and co. Thus, a new look at this anime was recently shared, But with the appearance of someone completely unexpected.

Recently, a new poster for the anime Attack on Titan. Here we see Eren sitting down, trying to create a ponytail, a very modern style and, To the surprise of many, it comes with a number of Sanrio plush toys.


For those who don’t recognize the name, Sanrio is a Japanese company responsible for producing plush toys, beauty products, clothing, and more. And if that’s not enough, They are responsible for creating Hello Kitty. While the iconic mascot is not present in this collaboration, we do see one of his many companions.

In the meantime, Hopefully the third part of last season Attack on Titan Will be released sometime in 2023. On a related note, this art shows us Eren’s final form. Likewise, an image of this character has caught the attention of the internet for its features.


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