A new major update to the return of Hunter X Hunter


The anime and manga world was in complete frenzy last month, since it was officially announced Hunter X Hunter was ending an indefinite hiatus to return to regular publication. Given this, the author has set to work on getting more episodes, and recently gave an important advance on this return

Yoshihiro Togashi Sharing sneak peeks of his work on drafts of the next wave of episodes, and with his latest update he details to followers how he’s progressed. Something that always satisfies the fans who have been waiting for the return of this work of fiction for years.

He made this comment in his recent tweet:

I finished the editing process in pencil drawings for 10 chapters! However, there may be some corrections. I will continue drawing my manuscript for the next 10 chapters. Also, I will announce how everything is getting ink. I have tons of erasers.

The 'Hunter X Hunter' creator continues to work on new chapters and his fans are keeping their fingers crossed that his health doesn't deteriorate further.

It is worth noting that such statements are not making claims Hunter X Hunter Will return this year, as certain details are missing so that the work can start printing and then distribute. However, it’s a hopeful message that gives fans a chance to expect at least one chapter later this year. 2022.

Remember you can watch its anime Hunter X Hunter Like the page Crunchyroll.

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