A new smart microwave adds more Alexa options for your kitchen




Sharp’s latest microwave includes Alexa.

Sharp USA

Throwing Wi-Fi into a kitchen appliance feels pretty standard these days, so it might not surprise you to hear that Sharp is releasing an Alexa-powered countertop microwave. After all, we’ve seen smart microwaves from GE and Amazon itself in years past. However, Sharp partnered with famed popcorn maker Orville Redenbacher to tune its machines in search of the ever-elusive perfect popcorn button. 

You can touch the popcorn button to choose your popcorn size, or speak to your Amazon Echo device by saying, “Alexa, microwave classic popcorn.” Like the AmazonBasics microwave, you will need an Echo speaker nearby to use these features. The new Echo Dot is one affordable way to get started with Alexa. That’s not the only thing Alexa can do with this microwave.

Sharp says the larger microwave can perform more than 70 Alexa commands to do things like start or stop the microwave, add time to the cooking cycle or cook at a specific power level. Because Wi-Fi is involved, the microwave’s clock can automatically set itself when a network connection is established. That’s good news for when your power goes out.

The new Sharp microwave comes in two sizes. The SMC1139FS is a 1.1-cubic-foot, 1,000-watt microwave and the SMC1449FS is 1.4-cubic-foot, 1,000-watt model. Both can cook your food via Alexa voice commands. 

The smart microwave will be available at select retailers and Sharp’s online store later this month for $150 (1.1-cubic-foot model) and $170 (1.4-cubic-foot model). Information on international availability was not immediately available, but $150 is about £110 or AU$200.


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