A purported Android 13 installer is pretending to brick your phone to troll you


We already know which phones will be updated to Android 13. It has been officially confirmed For those brands that are going to install the new version of Green Robot’s operating system on their devices; They are reliable information that we know to be reliable.

This does not mean that there are users who find that their phone is not updating and wish to get the latest version, Willing to believe any information That seems to grant them that wish. This is the case of the hero of this news.

Adrod 13, the troll app that has gone viral

Android 13, Nueva version

Android 13 will be deployed soon and the first tricks to take advantage of it have already appeared

Retrieved from 9to5GoogleAnd APK file named Android 13 It promises to install Android 13 on the user’s device running it. This APK file seems to have gone viral on Tik Tok The user’s phone appears to be bricked Those who dare to execute it.

When we open the file, the distorted Android 13 Easter Egg icon appears (this should already be a signal that the app is not very legitimate) and an install button. If we press it, a black screen will appear with “System already destroyed” and another at the bottom of the screen that says “Dude your phone is broken.

A purported Android 13 installer is pretending to brick your phone to troll you

Running Android 13

Now, despite this message appearing on the screen, is there any damage to our terminal? The answer is very simple: no.. The people making these videos didn’t destroy their phones. As reported, investigation by the 9to5Google team revealed that the APK file has a very simple construction It only shows images and funny messages. In fact, it seems the source code is based on Google’s App Inventor tool.

It’s pretty clear who made Adrod 13 He thought it was about memes, not to do actual damage. However, the APK can only be obtained from sources whose reliability is impossible to confirm, so it is highly recommended not to install it.

And the reason? because Adrod 13 has multiple versions running on the internet. Although the analyzed version appears to be safe, we do not know the intentions of whoever cloned it. If you have to download an app, make sure it’s from Google Play or a trusted repository.

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