A rhythm game called Peda Hero goes viral


The rise of rhythm games is something that has set the industry apart over the past decade, as have franchises. Guitar Hero y rock band They helped assemble plastic devices that imitated musical instruments. And while many thought its glory days were over, apparently some users continue to play different genres.

through the platform tick tockA user known as Junit Showed a new way to play guitar hero, This is a mode called He Peda Herowhich allows him to use vernacular songs Mexico. In particular, you can listen to such famous songs goodbye love singer and songwriter, Christian Nodal.


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♬ Original Sound – Zuni

After showing it on the networks, the video quickly went viral, creating a doubt among the users and how to use this video game that is on the lips of many in the internet world. And now it is known, the main program is called clone hero, And wherever it is in the world, there are several songs.

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To download the title, you just need to access it Official website, the best thing is that you don’t need that much memory and if you don’t have a song you like, you can easily add it. Thus, many players around the world have been able to include not only rock or regional Mexican, but also reggaeton, trap, indie, electronic, folk and more.

It can be played with a USB adapter or even a guitar with a keyboard pc.

Through: tick tock


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