A Smart Ring to Control Your Metabolism and Your Health: Here’s the Ultrahuman Ring –


A smart ring is going to make her The entrance In the technology market, e sembrs This arrival may mean that we will get a chance soon Bought An awesome device. What it adds Different?

The new smart ring we needed –

One of the biggest difficulties for everyone Device Undoubtedly, blood glucose monitoring. Not surprisingly, most devices on the market, from smartbands to smartwatches, even equipped with sensors Very accurateThey can only detect a series of parameters, such as heart rate, blood oxygenation level or even body temperature, but not blood sugar.

This is a rather complex activity to detect because it requires that the sensor be in direct contact with capillary blood that is taken correctly. Body areas. This means, therefore, that the device is equipped with a filament that is inscribed on the back of the arm under the skin, at certain points along the abdomen or thighs. But for the Indian platform SuperhumanA startup, doesn’t seem to be a problem since it offered a ring, e.g.Ultrahuman ringWhich is equipped with sensors needed to detect many metabolic parameters, including blood glucose.

Additional information and pricing

A Smart Ring to Control Your Metabolism and Your Health: Here's the Ultra Human Ring
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The new sensors promise to detect temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen and movement. With this, can take the ring Information Continue e Updated The wearer’s sleep quality, stress levels and activity load. But what is important is the monitoring of blood glucose, which is given in a combination of rings. The human ring And CyborgIt is a CGM wearable device that works like all other medical devices because it is made with filaments to detect the concentration of capillary blood sugar.

The Ultrahuman Ring and CGM Cyborg device will be available for pre-order July 7thIncluding shipping from December. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Prices vary 9 249 This 9 299And to use the parameter monitoring service you need to subscribe to it . 24.99 a year. In Europe and Italy, at the moment, these devices will not officially arrive because a CGM has to respond to certain things. Requirements Medicine And go through various national and European authorities before export confirmation.

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