Accsoon CineView Quad SDI / HDMI wireless video transmission system – Newsshooter


Accsoon has announced its new CineView Quad SDI / HDMI wireless video transmission system. The CineView Quad is different from other budget Accsoon offerings as it features Dual Band wireless capabilities.

Accsoon is touting the CineView Quad as being the ultimate affordable HDMI and SDI wireless video transmitter and receiver set. The CineView Quad has both HDMI and SDI ports, a reasonably compact size, and a good feature set.


Both the CineView Quad TX and RX units feature four integrated antennas that can be folded back into the body when not in use. This newly integrated quad antenna design allows the CineView Quad to use Accsoon’s patented Dual Band wireless technology for the first time in a system at this price point. Unlike other competing systems, Accsoon transmits two identical copies of your camera’s video output on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time. When these signals arrive at the RX unit they are instantly combined as needed to create the final video feed. Because CineView Quad utilizes both frequencies at the same time it is claimed to be inherently more stable than its rivals.