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Summer is approaching and with it the holidays, and what is the most used technical object when you go to sea or in the mountains? That’s right, action cam.

Best Action Cam, 5/24/2022 -
Best Action Cam, 5/24/2022 –

So far there are many who go with their adventures in Italy or abroad with a high resolution video camera that can best capture the moment. So we decided, if you are interested in buying an action cam, to advise you Top fiveOur vision in the market, plus other tAgain at low cost.

Let’s start with the first model, ExprotechAction cameras that don’t cost exorbitant, Just over 65 euros, But that it does its duty in the best possible way. As GQ thinks, in fact, it allows you to shoot video at 60 fps in 4K and take pictures from 20 megapixels, which is 4 times better than the resolution of a conventional HD camera. The camera is controlled by a wrist remote control, is clearly waterproof, and resists up to a depth of 40 meters. It comes with two 1,350mAh rechargeable batteries and connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Supports micro SD card up to 128 GB, and Inside the package We find attachments to the underwater housing, mounting kit, remote control and camera frame. No doubt An excellent entry level Especially recommended for beginners.

The Exprotrack Action Camera 4K is a 65.82 euro
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Let’s continue with the branded model DJI, Action 2 LegacyConsidered by GQ “la DJI’s most versatile and powerful action camera “. In this case the recording is in 4K but with 120 fps, and also has HorizonSteady stabilization, which allows you to shoot “static” videos. It is shock and fall resistant and “uses a magnetic design to give its best together with its accessories and allows those who use it to create the highest quality video sequence in any situation”. This is a device Perfect for mountain bikers, but skateboarding, windsurfing, canoeing, parkour and snorkeling. The cost is 419 euros.

DJI Action 2 to 419 euros
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Action cam space for equal excellence, read GoPro model Hero 10 Black, New flagship rooms from the Star and Stripe brands. It is equipped with a new GP2 processor that offers revolutionary quality images and an ultra-fast video frame. Resolution comes Up to 5.3K with 60 fpsBut 4K at 120 fps, or video at 2.7KIncredible 240 frame rate Every second. We also have HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization, the new industry standard for smooth and stable footage. For the camera, however, we are talking about a 23 megapixel model, cost? 429 euros (with 100 euro discount).

The GoPro HERO10 Black is a 429 euro
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The best action cams on the market: from GoPro to Insta

Place for another great action cam model, read on Insta360 ONE RS, Capable of converting to a 360-degree video camera. It is equipped with a new high-performance 4K boost lens with a 1/2 ”image sensor and 48MP resolution, which provides wide-angle video and photos with insane details. Then we did integrated stabilization and cleaner audio compared to the previous model. 5.7k 360 lens lets you get Invisible effect of selfie stick And 360-degree shots. The lens is designed in conjunction with Leica and the image quality is unprecedented. Insta360 ONE RS Waterproof and cost up to 5 meters 569.99 euros.

Insta360 ONE RS is a 569.99 euro
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We are finishing these top 5 best action cameras with another branded model Read DJI, Osmo Pochet, The compact camcorder is capable of recording video with resolutions up to 4K and 60 Fps. This is a model that we recommend them looking for a compact video camera, and turns out to be the same Smaller than a smartphone Dimensions 121.9 × 36.9 × 22.75 mm. It also weighs very light, only 116 grams and its price 266 euros.

The DJI Osmo pocket is a 266 euro
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So let’s stop with that Three best action cameras in terms of quality / price. These three products you can buy For less than 40 euros And while that may not provide the “animal” performance we reported above, it certainly represents a very interesting compromise.

Action Cam 4K Hahoco is a 39.90 euro
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Jadfezy action camera 1080P 30fps a 27.98 euro
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The Piwoka Action Cam 1080P / 12MP is a 25.99 euro
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