Add a voice-controlled LED light strip to your home for $19




This 16-foot LED light strip is as smart as they come, with your choice of app, voice and remote controls.


I never understood the appeal of bias lighting — dim colored light emanating from behind my TV — until I tried it. Turns out, it’s super-cool. And super-cheap, thanks to this deal: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Govee 16.4-foot Wi-Fi RGB LED Strip Light is $18.99 with promo code JFPM94UY. Regular price: $25.99.

A strip like this is good for larger TVs, anything above 50 inches or so, though it’s also long enough that you could run it along a wall, under some cabinets or the like. I must admit I love the home-theater application — and as a side benefit, this kind of lighting is good for reducing eye strain when you watch TV (or play video games) with the lights off.

This particular strip hits the control trifecta: It comes with a wireless remote, but can also be controlled via the Govee app and Alexa or Google voice commands. (Actually, there’s a basic inline wired controller as well. Quadfecta?)

The lighting options run the gamut of colors, scenes, schedules and so on. It can even sync the lighting to your music.

One more option: Go nuts and get Govee’s 65.6-foot LED lighting kit for $48.99 with promo code SMVRI4RR. It offers all the same features.

These LEDs are ridiculously easy to install: They’re literally peel-and-stick. You just have to be strategic about placement so the end of the strip is reasonably close to an AC outlet.

Your thoughts?

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