Adidas sells some sneakers with Homer Simpson’s best known meme


Recently tennis brand Adidas Announced collaboration with its franchisee simpson, It aims to keep our favorite characters in the series to keep us on our feet. And when they released a model Merge Which gives a feeling of being elaborate with her hair, there is a more interesting one that dominates Homer.

Specifically, one of the most well-known memes of the character, and rightly so, is the animation where Homer walks backwards and hides in a bush in a suspicious way. It comes straight from the episode Homer He becomes very friendly with his neighbor Ned FlandersIt’s to the point of becoming a bit suffocating and boring.

Adidas will (finally!) make the Simpsons shoes we've all been wanting

For now, the tennis model is on sale on the official website the van in the US, and it’s not confirmed that they’ll reach Mexican stores, something that could be discouraging. Dedicated models of The Simpsons have come to Vans in years past, but it seems we’re left with a wish with Adidas,

Still, it doesn’t hurt to be on the lookout.

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Publisher’s Note: Undoubtedly, it will be amazing to have this pair in the collection. Although these products rarely reach Mexico. It remains only to follow Adidas in their network in this country.

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