Aegis, the automaton of SteelRising’s dance



Steelrising will be released on PS5 on September 8, 2022.

We have already talked about Our desire to develop an action-based role-playing game. This time we want to focus on the source of our hero. In Steely Rising you play the role of Aegis, an automaton who must face an army of machines built for the “mechanical king” King Louis XVI.

Aegis Corp.

Some information:

  • Name: Aegis
  • State: Automaton
  • Date created: 1789. Exact date unknown.
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weapon type: 9
  • Creator: Eugene D. Vakanson
  • Former occupation: Court dancer
  • Current occupation: Warriors of the revolution and the last hope

Even before we decided to play [Steelrising] This would happen in the eighteenth century, we imagined an automaton as the protagonist. In fact, the possibilities offered by having a device seem to fit well with an action-based “soul-like” game, where death seems to be an integral part of the learning curve. . .

Originally, Automaton was called Ada, with a double reference to the concept of creation, Ada is our Adam, but also in reference to Ada Loveless, the first programmer in history. Over time, as our universe evolved and anchored in the French Revolution, Ada became Aegis, this time in reference to Aegis, the shield defending Athena Zeus.

Create the look

Meanwhile, the art team thought about what this car would look like. There were many influences, but two in particular were distinguished: the La Petit Ghente (giant girl) and the 18th-century musical Android “Saltari Player” of the Isle of Nantes machines.

On the left, in the tiny gent, and on the right, the pacer player, two sources of inspiration that contributed to the creation of the Aegis.

Outside of the mechanical aspect, which reflects the ability to update and rebuild, we wanted to merge the character gracefully to include fast-paced gameplay elements, aerial and vertical. Thus, it is clear that Aegis must be a glamorous and elegant character.

Aegis throws blades at his armored fans. Inspired by fans inspired by the elite, they launch lightning-fast attacks.

By association we thought of music boxes and small mechanical dancers. In addition to adapting to the character’s story, who was originally a dancing automaton, we found this reference interesting because it added a sense of apparent weakness and captivating subtlety to our approach to the character, creating a contrast that was particularly interesting. When the little ballerina turned into a tragic deadly machine that dropped weapons from the body.

Aegis Wealthy. Each weapon comes from its own body.

Being an instrument we have been able to give it an exaggerated and unnatural proportion and emphasize the mechanical and non-human nature of its movement. We were also able to give him a variety of movements, especially in combat, which strengthened the aerial gameplay.

Grapples are also part of the body of the Aegis. It is not only effective during exploration, but can also be used as a weapon in war.

In addition to being an exceptional fighter, Aegis is also an incredible acrobat.

Ultimately, the subtle form of the Aegis and the contrast between its heavier and more pressed enemies will underline its uniqueness in our world.

Like David’s courage against Goliath, the Aegis fearlessly moves forward to defeat the City Bishop.

Aegis will be partially customizable: you can change her wig, facial features and body composition.

Mysterious automaton

Of course, the story of how our team made it out reveals nothing of the various struggles that you will unravel during the game and overcoming it. Because our automaton is a single masterpiece and as such, there are many mysteries of its existence.

So we will not publish anything for now. We look forward to seeing you play as Steely Rising Ages.

Steelrising will be available on PS5 on September 8, 2022.


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