AirPods Pro 2, a revolution from Apple; Now they have a heart sensor and USB-C –


The screen is up for Apple’s new AirPods Pro 2, which looks like they’ll be able to surprise every single person on the face of the earth for their next features. What will they be, and above all, will they be able to win our trust again? Let’s explore the subject and see if it really is.

We will be able to buy and try them soon, but we will have to wait –

They will arrive very soon AirPods Pro 2, This is Apple’s next true wireless earphone that, in the near future, will be bought by all of us. Insiders have already talked about it Mark Gurman Reporting the experiment that the company carried out to create a stemless design, but obviously things have turned out differently.

In fact, the company has voluntarily decided to stay in the same line as before AirPods Pro, Continuing what he has already virtually created before. However, there will be Announcement Not indifferent about their next device, which obviously seems like it would be very interesting to try.

The specs of the new AirPods 2 and the amazing features they can offer

AirPods Pro 2, a revolution from Apple;  Now they have heart sensors and USB-C
The new AirPods Pro 2 from Apple, which will not only satisfy us but completely replace the previous ones

The case is related to the related news; Ownership for AirPods Pro 2 will leave the Lightning portUSB-C, Moving forward with the issue of universal chargers and which will soon be fully used in the United States. New measures should also be taken to speed up the process When charging.

Speaking of new features, the headphones will be equipped with sensors capable of monitoring the heartbeat, but will also be able to support body temperature detection. In addition, they will carry New H1 chip With a next-generation SiP system, and even more advanced self-adapted sound cancellation. The new H1 will be able to guarantee Good performance More optimized is associated with energy costs, and this is of course for the full benefit of autonomy.

If you lose your AirPods Pro 2, don’t worry: “It will still be easy to find them to support”Where”To track them through a speaker integrated with the case along with the app of the same name on the iPhone. For the sound side, AirPods Pro 2 should have one of them Good phonology; Advanced features such as spatial audio, audio sharing and self-adapting synchronization, including head tracking, will also be missing.

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