AirPods Pro 2, all rumors have already been raised between specification and launch date –


Let’s go back to talking about AirPods Pro 2, one of the most anticipated Apple products of 2022 Here are all the rumors that have already arisen about the technical features and possible launch date

Over the years, Apples Has been able to achieve a prominent position in the wireless earphone sector. The Airpods They still represent the reference brand today, with millions of sales recorded every year and that doesn’t seem to want to stop. So much so that the company itself is working To the new model.

There are new rumors about what could happen to Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 (Adobe stock)

Among them, expectations are high towards the model AirPods Pro 2, Which has already begun to speak in recent months. Liquor and Datamineer are working hard to find additional clues in this regard, pending official from Apple.

Here’s what we know about Apple’s AirPods Pro 2

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Adobe Stock is expected to be an important step in the field of fitness monitoring and aesthetics compared to previous generations.

In many guesses around AirPods Pro 2 Apple, one of the recognized concerns of the possible launch of two different models. Liqueur Mr.-White talks about it, showing some pictures of a component that should be used for wireless earphones. As you can see, from them Two different sizes, Which may therefore suggest a separate version. At the design level, we know that it should follow the same line as the previous generation. Only caution will be concerned Charging case, Designed to be more compact.

Speaking of real features, the rumors speak of new sensors and functionality Exercise tracking, Connects directly to the Apple Watch. A company executive talking about it, in fact, has officially confirmed the arrival of its additional features Fitness tracking.

We look forward to more interactions with other Apple products. Thanks for example Conversation boost, To improve voice listening and enhanced spatial audio with Apple TV and Mac. For launch, it should be In the second half of the year Not too far in price 279 euros First generation.

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