Alan Wake Remastered has not been able to recover the cost and cost of sviluppo and marketing.


Alan Wake Remastered sembra non stia andando in maniera phenomnale at termini di venditeas Epic Games Pulishing recently refreshed that the gioco was not ankora fatto Recover cost and marketing costs from the publisher and Remedy Entertainment.

There are no financing results for the financier’s company, since we have already received a lot of information about Alan Wake 2 and its Control 2 and other projects in Sviluppo. team of sviluppo, proprio a causa di commercial results the moment is not easy.

There were agreements with Epic Games, which meant that, in fact, the game of gioco not even generate profit: “We have not received any royalties from Alan Wake Remastered during the first quarter of Epic Games Publishing.

Considering how the first capitol was considered a cult and content in a community that seems to be piqued, the results of the scars were found on the front of the vendetta for the remainder of the version è Securely a negative colp for the series. Wake 2 già in sviluppo. In this case, it is possible that the results of the break even in the brew and the gioco cominci generate profitable prestige, we will attest to the eventual sviluppi.

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