All Android mobiles are compatible with wireless charging



Are you looking for an Android mobile with wireless charging? All these models with wireless charging.

All Android mobiles are compatible with wireless charging

Wireless charging is a relatively new technology that allows you to charge without your terminal Traditional chargers have annoying cablesAlthough, unfortunately, this is a feature High end terminal.

In the beginning, only The flagship of the most popular Android brand For example Samsung, Xiaomi, Google or OPPO had this connectivity, but more and more manufacturers are also including this functionality Your mid-range and mid-high range devices.

Wireless charging base

Charging on Vivo X80 Pro 5G’s 50W Wireless Charging Base / Photography by David Freire

For this reason and for To help you while buying a new mobileToday we are going to detail each and every one Android phone with wireless charging.

Samsung phones with wireless charging

We have already told you about the best Samsung mobiles with wireless charging, but since these terminals are not the only ones from the Korean firm that have this connection, we will list all the smartphones in the family. Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Z They have wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Z

Xiaomi phone with wireless charging

As in the previous case, Xiaomi reserves only for wireless charging Your high-end deviceAs Redmi or POCO mobile don’t have this connection

All this Xiaomi smartphone with wireless charging:

Google phone with wireless charging

The American giant has included wireless charging in its terminals From Pixel 5A device that was the first aluminum terminal to have this feature as well.

Google Pixels are compatible with wireless charging These are:

OnePlus phones with wireless charging

The first OnePlus mobile with wireless charging was the OnePlus 8 Pro, followed by the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 10 Pro.

Therefore, they 4 OnePlus smartphones with wireless charging:

OPPO phone with wireless charging

Another manufacturer that reserves wireless charging for its flagships is OPPO, as it only includes it Its latest Find X series flagship.

A differential element of this brand is its wireless charging technology that supports both AirVOOC wireless flash charging up to 50W as reverse wireless charging.

OPPO phone with wireless charging These are:

Vivo mobile with wireless charging

vivo is a brand that started recently Turn on wireless charging on your device And, for this reason, this connection is only present in its latest flagships, vivo X80 and vivo X80 Pro:

Motorola phone with wireless charging

In the case of Motorola, only high-end terminals have wireless charging and so these 5 smartphones from the Chinese firm that can be operated without cables:

Nothing mobile with wireless charging

The recently created brand founded by former OnePlus CEO Carl Pei is nothing and has only one mobile in the market, Nothing Phone (1)which is already there 15W wireless charging.

Nokia phones with wireless charging

Nokia managed to return to the forefront of the mobile market with the launch Terminal with great value for moneySome of which feature wireless charging:

Huawei phones with wireless charging

Despite the veto imposed by the United States and the consequent decline in smartphone sales, Huawei continues to dominate the market Premium phone with the most powerful hardware of the moment And it includes wireless charging.

Huawei phones with wireless charging These are:

Sony phone with wireless charging

Japanese manufacturer Sony has introduced wireless charging to its terminals Before the rest of the manufacturersBut decided to withdraw it for just a few years until the series was launched Xperia 1.

Currently there are four Sony smartphones have wireless charging:

How to know if your mobile has wireless charging

If your mobile isn’t among the ones we’ve listed so far, you can always find out if your mobile has wireless charging. in different ways. The first and easiest of the two is to ask questions Your terminal’s specification sheet On the manufacturer’s website or on the Andro4all pages.

But if this method doesn’t solve your doubts, you can always resort to two Android apps Check wireless charging y Wireless charging checkerThe download link of which we have put you under this line, which will tell you instantly If your mobile is compatible with wireless charging.

Google Play Store | Check wireless charging

Google Play Store | Wireless charging checker

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