Amazon Account: Complete with subscription, this way you don’t have to pay for it



Everything is growing now, and we’re not just talking about basic necessities like gas, electricity and food. Subscriptions to the most diverse services have also grown considerably, for example with a subscription that seems excessive, but which is preferred and has even become the most used for useful purposes such as shopping for the home or buying products.

We are talking about Amazon Prime subscription. US e-commerce, which has become the world’s most widespread and used online purchase system, has indeed raised prices for its customers: from spending 36 euros for renewals up to and including 14 September 2022 to 49.99 for renewals up to and including 15 September 2022. Extra? Maybe yes, if we consider the price tout-court. But if we consider all the services included in this subscription, it is probably not so much.

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Amazon Prime –

Not to mention that somehow it’s possible to lower the total cost of the subscription by sharing the account or part of the account with someone who can split the annual (or monthly if you want to defer) cost with us. Because if we don’t want to share the purchase service just to avoid giving out our credit card data to others, we can still share the e-book service. Prime ReadingFor example, being able to download 10 e-books at the same time, or Prime Music. But let’s see how it can happen.

Prime Video, Music and Reading: Here’s How to Share Them

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Prime Video –

We all know that more than just online shopping services are made available to customers amazon, The e-commerce giant’s Prime service also includes what we know as Prime video, chief the music and prime to read Going in reverse order, we know for example (already mentioned) that it is possible to share the account with our friends but it is possible to download only 10 e-books at the same time (which is not a few). But it can be a good way to split your account costs.

for musica, The situation is rather different and much less free. In fact, online streaming allows only one user to listen to music at a time, while those who want to listen to several songs at the same time can only do so with songs previously downloaded to the service. storage By Prime Music.

For interesting prime movie streaming services video, You can watch streaming for up to 3 users at the same time: in this case it is strongly recommended that each of the three users create their own personal profile, an operation that allows the platform to create their own content list. For their personal interest.


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