Amazon launches CodeWhisper as an AI code-writing tool for tech workers


Amazon on Thursday announced a tool to help software developers write code, the latest in the technology industry.

How to program this service called Amazon CodeWhisperer, and advise web developers to scan for security and bias issues in the project, says Swami Shivasubramanian, vice president of Amazon’s cloud division. Says At a company conference in Las Vegas.

CodeWhisperer, recently launched by Amazon, is a machine learning (ML) -based service. It claims to help developers increase productivity by creating code recommendations. According to Information Provided by AWS, these recommendations will be based on developers’ comments in natural language and their code in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

CodeWhisperer claims to take care of all the requirements of a developer when writing a code, including multiple programming languages, frameworks, software libraries, and popular cloud services. The algorithm selects the user’s command and selects the best cloud service and public library suitable for the specific task. It then recommends a code snippet directly to the source code editor.

AI algorithms are available for free preview in Java, JavaScript and Python programming languages. The service integrates with multiple IDEs, including JetBrain (IntelliJ, PyCharm, and WebStorm), Visual Studio Code, AWS Cloud9, and the AWS Lambda console.

In addition, developers can protect their codes using CodeWhisperer to identify vulnerabilities in their projects and responsibly create applications.

The company further announced that support for the AWS Lambda console is currently underway and should be ready soon.

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