Amazon talks about the Google Pixel 7a family



For next year, Google is again planning a new model, at least a Pixel 7a should be planned for 2023. At this point, however, there are still a few hints and information about the new mid-range smartphones. Theoretically, the presentation is far away – May 2023 or so.

Now, of all things, Amazon should betray a little sooner. Looking at the last few months, this would not be a surprise. Still, we take these screenshots and new information with a grain of salt. It can be a mesh that will be easy to make.

Amazon has reportedly revealed that there should be a Pixel 7a family

However, there is one Gsmarena Two screenshots have been shown that talk about a “Google Pixel 7a family”. More precisely, the user should be able to register for a newsletter. It’s about getting an immediate notification from Amazon when the first announcement about the Pixel 7a family comes out.

Pixel 7a family

There are still few details about the Pixel 7a

So far, not much is known about the Pixel 7a. It comes, as we know, from the source code from Google software. It definitely has an integrated Tensor processor and possibly better Bluetooth hardware. But further details are sorely lacking at the moment.

The XL model has been out of existence for three consecutive years

A family in the sense that there are multiple models with different screen sizes will surely be pleasing to the fanbase. So far, this has only happened with the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, followed by only one size for the nearly 6-inch Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, 5a and 6a.

About the schedule: Google only announced the Pixel 6a in the second quarter. At this point you’re hearing time and time again that the Pixel 7a will be available earlier.

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