Amazon updates the Alexa app with light/dark switching, accessibility features – Pocket-lint


(Pocket-lint) – Amazon has updated the oft-used Alexa app with a new light mode. The app has been ‘dark’ from the start, but it is now designed to reflect the settings of your phone. 

So if you have the auto-dark mode enabled on iOS for example, the app will change along with those settings. Amazon says “dark mode will offer benefits such as screen viewing comfort in low-light environments and improved device battery life, while light mode will offer better readability and colour contrast that stands out in high-light environments.”

The latest version of the app also includes text scaling for improved accessibility in terms of those with visual impairments. Amazon says that “if you set your device’s font size to be larger than the standard size, you will see larger text on most screens of the Alexa app proportional to your preferred accessibility setting.”

The new Amazon Alexa app is available for iOS now while its coming to Android by the end of the month. If you’re a regular Alexa user, check out our Alexa tips and tricks, too – you might just discover something knew you hadn’t thought about before. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.

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