Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is a $339 e-reader that lets you write


Almost 15 years after launching the first Kindle, Amazon has finally added a stylus to its e-readers. The company presented at its hardware event in the fall Kindle Writer. The device features a 10.2-inch, 300 ppi display with an adjustable front light and a magnetically attached stylus. Amazon says you don’t need to charge or sync your Scribe, and you can use it to take notes, journal, and annotate books you’ve read. From next year, it will also be possible to send Microsoft Word documents to Kindle Scribe.

Kindle Scribe will start at $340 It arrives on November 30, but pre-orders are open now. In addition to different storage options, Amazon lets you choose between a “basic” and a “premium” pen. The latter has a customizable shortcut key and a custom eraser at the top In the US, the e-reader comes with a four-month free trial of Kindle Unlimited.

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