Amdocs Service Assurance SaaS maker buys Mycom OSI for M 188M



Amdocs has announced This week it entered into an agreement to acquire the UK-based Mickey OSI for $ 188 million in cash. The companies are expected to complete the transaction by the end of the 2022 fiscal year, subject to the traditional closing conditions. The acquisition has already been approved by the board of directors of Amdocs.

According to Shuki Schaefer, president and CEO of Amdocs, Mike’s acquisition is more strategic than material, expanding its portfolio for communications service providers (CSPs) to include scalable 5G service guarantees.

Mycom OSI claims a competitive advantage in the service assurance market, being the first vendor to offer its applications as a subscription-based software service (SaaS) in public cloud services. Schaefer Mikem described the OSI acquisition as a “strategic increase.”

Amdocs and Mycom both work globally with Tier 1 CSP and many more. But Amdocs’ Mycom OSI Grab works on the company’s core strategic technology pillars: “intelligent network automation, 5G and the cloud,” he said.

Andrew Call, chief executive officer of Mycom OSI, says that Amdocs and Mycom OSI together will be able to deliver a promise of closed-loop automation to help CSP deploy scalable 5G – a predictable, equally scalable service guarantee. He noted that the merger of his company with Amdocs “comes at a time of rapid change in the communications sector”.

Amdocs noted that Mycom OSI’s revenue would be unreasonable this year, with an additional 1% annual revenue going forward. Amdocs reported $ 4.3 billion in revenue for its fiscal year 2021.

Schaefer noted that 5G is driving the telecom business toward more dynamic and demanding solutions built using AI and ML-driven predictive modeling and automation.

“As 5G-era networks and services become increasingly dynamic and complex, the key to an holistic, end-to-end approach and this can only be achieved with a powerful AI-enabled assurance solution suite,” he added.

Amdocs recently opened a 5G experience lab in Dallas, Texas. This feature brings together service providers and enterprises with Amdocs and its 5G Edge applications to add new uses for 5G solutions and services.

For Amdocs, this is an opportunity to offer 5G platforms for network access and capability “as a one-service”, ensuring ecosystem components from different partners are manageable, scalable, less time on the market and easier monetization opportunities. Work in the lab includes Open RAN, Private Wireless Network, Premium 5G Services, Cloud Services, Industry 4.0 and Security.

Last September, Telco Orange in France selected Amdocs to provide Business Assistance System (BSS) for the next 5G standalone experimental cloud network, to be launched in Lannion, France in July. The data- and AI-powered software-enabled open RAN network is a two-year project, the companies say, which plans to have hundreds of users by the end of the year.

The network will provide an overview of open RAN and how open networking can coexist with other technologies. The network will use information systems OSS (Operations Support System – Network Inventory Management and Network Operations), BSS (Business Support System – CRM and billing) as well as AI to secure and optimize the network and predict its behavior. The companies said.


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