AMD’s new 64-core 3D drier Pro CPU is on sale now – but you can borrow it to afford it


AMD recently confirmed its widespread availability Threadripper Pro, Distributors are rushing to start selling the first Threadripper 5995WX online. The 64-core Monster CPU A 32-core and a 24-core segment with Lenovo was re-unveiled in March 2022 and Dale Has been announced Workstation This is based on the new Jane d Processor family.

An online search for the ThreadRipper Pro 5995WX yielded two interesting results. The first was from Channel Expert Connection, which temporarily listed the item as OOS with a sticker price of $ 7359.95 (you can also lease it for $ 211.69 per month but it may not be a good idea to price the processor at the high end. Underestimate fast enough).

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