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In October 2021 it was revealed that Amy Hennig, famous for directing the original Uncharted trilogy, was working on a new Marvel project. With D23 just hours away, a new report seems to spoil one of the surprises planned for the event. Marvel and Disney Game ShowcaseAs the long-awaited title from Skydance New Media, Hennig’s studio, It will star Captain America and Black Panther.

In terms of MCU status, Skydance is New Media’s Marvel game World War II will present us with an adventure of Captain America and the Black Panther fighting Hydra.. While there is no official information at the moment, sources close to Eurogamer have confirmed these statements, noting that we will have more details on this later today.

At the time, Hennig noted that the project would present us with “an action and adventure game with a narrative approach, presenting a completely original story in the Marvel universe.” Thus, We can expect a successful combination of action and history in one place, A formula that the director has perfected.

The Marvel and Disney Game Showcase will be held today, September 9, at 3:00 p.m (Mexico City time), where we will not only see the release of this game, but much more. On related topics, here we tell you how you can watch this presentation.


Editor’s note:

The idea of ​​a new Marvel action game starring Captain America sounds like a great idea. In addition, the inclusion of Black Panther, although somewhat sensitive considering the death of Chadwick Boseman, will surely appeal to many. I just want them to announce another final alliance.

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