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What’s going on here? Nothing really happened in the world of Google-free phones for months, and two devices from different providers were introduced in quick succession. I recently reported on the Simple Phone, which isn’t that bad in concept, but the price and hardware aren’t particularly balanced.

Unlike the Simple Phone, the Murena One does not come with a completely new developed custom ROM, but relies on the already established /e/OS, which is equipped with a number of pre-installed open source apps for basic functions.

Logically, apps cannot use Google Play Store However, /e/OS provides its own installer with F-Droid as its base, so almost any app can still be installed. Otherwise, manual installation via APK remains.

Morena One product image
Photo: Moray Eels

“Maximum control over your data”

why you Google Perhaps it is obvious that they should turn away. The ecosystem is comfortable, but you pay for it with your personal data. Murena One presents an alternative to this “Morena One is therefore perfect for all smartphone users who value their privacy and want to have maximum control over their data,” the press release said. However, you can use practical services such as a cloud.

Morena is a French software developer (who also manages /e/OS) and previously sold third-party smartphones such as older Samsung Galaxy S models or Fairphones with Google-free OSes. However, this was significantly more expensive Murena One, which has been launched for an RRP of around €346. The data sheet reads pretty acceptable for the price:

  • 6,53 Joule LCD, 2.242 x 1.080 pixels, 60 Hz
  • MediaTek Helio P60, 8 x 2.1 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, expandable via microSD
  • Rear camera: 48 MP wide, 8 MP ultra wide, 5 MP (probably macro, no details on that, confusingly 4 sensors visible in the image)
  • Front camera: 25 MP
  • 4.500 mAh Akku, USB-C

To protect the environment, Murena encourages you to reuse other USB cables and power adapters – they are only sold separately. However, the Murena One would be even more eco-friendly if the battery was also replaceable. But this will probably affect the price. Is Murena One attractive to you?

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