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Gastrointestinal problems? These can be solved with a mobile application. A study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology reveals the credibility of something far removed from medicine (but not too far in the technological age).

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Researchers Cedars-Sinai Medical Center They believe that they have found that innovative cell phone applications are just as good at mall sample analysis, even as they are. Gastroenterology

They demonstrate this thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) used in smartphone applications, which surpasses reports describing patient stool samples.

The mobile app passes all the tests: it provides even more accurate and complete explanation

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Patient stool reporting, usually conducted by the Bristol scale, is very important, as it helps physicians evaluate symptoms to determine the effectiveness of a diagnosis or dose.

Patients do not know what is normal or abnormal when they try to identify the features of defecationSays Mark Pimentel. “Questionable application – Chief Investigator of Research, MD, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Executive Director of Medical Science and Technology Program continues – Uses artificial intelligence instead of patient input to process images taken with a smartphone, dispelling hypotheses

The mobile app provided a more accurate and complete explanation of constipation, diarrhea and normal stools than the patient during the test and it was comparable to a sample evaluation. Gastroenterologist Well trained in the studio. Researchers have used an artificial intelligence app made for smartphones Diet healthGraduate from the program Cedar-Sinai Accelerator, To help entrepreneurs bring innovative healthcare technology products to market.

He was asked to take pictures of all the malls for two weeks using the AI ​​application. In addition to the ladder Bristol, The AI ​​app also has additional ranking parameters. Evidence of the validity of the study will be backed up by two Gastroenterology Professionals

Artificial intelligence is a tool that removes personal explanations that may be part of a patient’s gut sample interpretation. – Mark Pimentel Comments – As well as improving the ability of physicians to assess a patient’s digestive health“Obviously, therefore, there is a validity of the study, which spreads with credibility, as it was also presented at the conference. Digestive Disease Week Held May 21 in San Diego, garnered much acclaim. According to Ali RezaiAnother author of the study, such an app could also prove very effective for clinical trials to reduce the level of variability in mall evaluation.


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