An Xbox Series X | S | Atmix is ​​being installed on Windows 98


The Xbox Series X | S The perfect generation for anyone who wants to experience the long history of this company. Thanks to the backend adjustment, both physical and digital, it is possible to enjoy original titles HelloWent Red rescued the deadUntil Gears 5 Without any problems. However, there is always room for more, and it has been published recently It is possible to run Windows 98 operating system on these two consoles.

Recently, Alex Bataglia, a member of Digital Foundry, shared a video where we can see an Xbox series running X and S running with Windows 98, providing access to games. Half life y Vibration. It was mentioned that it was a reality thanks The DOSBox Pure kernel of the RetroArch emulator recently received official support for this older operating system.. The result is so impressive that there is even simulated support for 3dfx Voodoo graphics and it can be accessed in other PC applications.

However, not everything is perfect, as it has been mentioned The control setup is quite complex. Note that the series X | S has mouse support but is quite limited. With this, the installation process is a bit cumbersome, and the animations still show some errors.

Undoubtedly, A very interesting test that is worth trying. In related matters, Games with Gold will stop accepting Xbox 360 games Similarly, all these things are coming close to the game


Editor’s comment:

The Xbox Series X Of course, it probably won’t appeal to many, but at least it makes it clear that there’s a lot of interest in the old experience today.

Via: Digital Foundry

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