Android 13 and Flashlight Revolution: Big News Coming Soon –



With the upcoming arrival of Android 13, we keep talking about the new features implemented. It also has an additional feature dedicated to the flashlight of the smartphone

Go back to talk about it Android 13, A new version of Google’s operating system that is about to launch. Time Google I / O 2022 Which took place a few days ago, unveiling some major innovations that will become part of the updated software. But there are many more who are still waiting to see the light.

Android 13 20220525
Thanks to the advent of Android 13, Google will be able to launch a very useful and long-requested innovation for Flashlight (Unsplas).

In the meantime, it seems that the Big G has thought of a real revolution as far as anxiety is concerned Using the flashlight. One of the longest-requested features of the users may come soon, namely the capabilities Adjust the brightness Light emitted by the LED flash on the smartphone.

With Android 13 you will be able to adjust the flashlight

Android 13 20220525
You can set the light intensity of LED flash, as explained by some experts who found two APIs (Adobe Stock).

Developer Mishal Rahman thought of launching the news as a preview, which is found in the API Camera Manager library. Two new features: getTorchStrengt Level and turnOnTorchWithStrengtLevel. We are talking about a very important addition, considering that today only the set TorchMode API is available so that users can turn on the LED flash of their smartphone. With Android 13, this will eventually be possible Adjust the brightness of the lightSo that it can adapt to your needs.

In reality, this is not a novelty for green robots. There A UI in Samsung It has been offering flash adjustments for some time, but is the only manufacturer that allows it. It’s not clear if all devices updated to Android 13 will be able to use them. It will work Xiaomi, OPPO And all other major brands implement version 3.8HAL interface. A basic step in ensuring communication of camera hardware and software. Developer teams also need to focus on this aspect for the next few months of work, to provide an additional opportunity for their customers.


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