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Incredible but true. Among the additional features of Android 13, may be one made by Huawei. Despite not having an ideal relationship with Google

Less and less missing from the official launch of the new operating system Android 13, Among the most talked about in recent weeks. The Google Developer Team is working on this, to refine the latest details and to provide the software that is perfectly suited to the user’s request.

One of the new features of Android 13 will be directly developed by Huawei despite its association with Google (Adobe Stock).

If some news has already been officially announced, there is more that is still waiting to see the light. In what has emerged Features inedite May be the one developed by Huawei. However, the Asian company has long since decided to sever ties with Android and use its own operating system.

Android 13, all details of features developed by Huawei

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We are talking about EROFS file system, actually used by other OEMs besides Huawei (Adobe Stock).

Once the news is confirmed, Android 13 Will be able to use File system EROFS (Advanced read-only file system). This is a feature that has been exclusive to Huawei and its EMUI for years. The presentation dates back to 2019, when the Asian giant spoke as one of its key points. EMUI 9.1. “With EROFS, we’ve increased random reading speeds by 20% and cleared up some extra space on your phone to save your favorite photos and songs.“Read on Tweet Published in 2019 by the official account of the company.

We are talking about a technical issue, but with a lot of advantages. Thanks to EROFS, in fact, you can get one Advanced compression mode Go straight to work at file handling speed. “With file system support built into Linux from version 5.4, Google is ready to make EROFS the default Android file system for read-only partitions”Justified the expert Mishal Rahman, It also indicates Xiaomi Ed Oppo They have been exploiting it for some time. Curious of course but not completely unexpected news, so.

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