Android, a big problem: some updates create damage and increase the chances of hacking. Tips and solutions –


At the center of many criticisms is a complete and excellent complaint, including analysis, study and testing of devices that target through a few updates due to the splitting of the Android operating system.

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That first of all Bitfender, Leading cybersecurity companies that provide the best threat prevention, detection and response solutions around the world to protect mid-range businesses and consumers from growing cyber attacks.

Serious problems are unpatched or limited, a mobile phone is much more likely to be hacked. There are many smartphones that could not install the latest version of Google’s operating system.

Unpacked, older version of Android is the gateway of choice for hackers

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In this sense, BitDefender has introduced a new method for the security of Android smartphones. The company’s cyber security experts have pointed out the problem of installing an Android. Hacking doors open for hackers: According to the news, many smartphones still work with year old versions of Android. Losing security patches, this older version is the gateway of choice for hackers.

Many users pay little attention to updates, there are many to say: “So automatic updates are happening” without verifying the actual update or whether the download is effective: Wrong. Too wrong. The great importance of security patches is being completely ignored.

Continuing to use un patched devices, or not checking for smartphone updates, especially obsolete devices that have been announced by a company, makes a smartphone very vulnerable.

Samsung is an exception in this case: South Korea is most active in releasing giant patches. But otherwise often after almost three years the Android device is no longer supported. For this reason, many people subscribe to offers from telephone operators and change smartphones after the classic thirty months of subscription period, precisely so that a mobile phone with very few, if any, patches is available.

BitDefender, therefore, does nothing but emphasize an aspect that is highly underestimated, just remember that there are still devices with versions of Android released ten years ago. Research from well-known companies has yielded alarming numbers.

36.47% of smartphones have been updated to Android 12. And 29.15% of the devices are running Android 11. Android 10 is still equipped with 15.03% devices. This means that 35% of Android smartphones that arrive in the world will no longer receive security patches, leaving the door open for hackers. Advice? First, keep this fact in mind when buying a mobile phone, in the name of savings. The second, unfortunately, is often replaced by smartphones. Every three consecutive years, approx.

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