Android app on Windows 11, finally in Italy. Here is the date –


Microsoft beats five. Many countries are ready to welcome Android applications to PC through Windows 11 There are Japan, then four Europeans, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and finally, Italy.

Android / Windows 11: This must be married –

These are not rumors, as an official everything is true. Microsoft has really announced Create 2022 Support to run that App AndroidWith the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11, it will expand to five other markets by the end of this year.

The Amazon Appstore, and later all Android apps, are powered by Microsoft’s new Windows subsystem for Android, a feature that premiered with Windows 11 last year.

It works by running a lightweight version of Android OS in the background

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Subsystem Windows per Android The goal is to run Android apps running as smoothly as possible on Windows 11. It works by running a lightweight version of the Android operating system in the background and placing Android apps directly on the desktop, but also in the Start menu, as if they were installed by default.

Better late, then. Multiple, in fact, multiple markets have complained that Microsoft has wasted too much time implementing support for Android apps on Windows 11. But in the end they will come. When? Per December 2022.

Currently, the ability to use the Windows subsystem for Android is exclusive to users in the United States, probably due to the fact that the Amazon Appstore itself is only in the state in this preview phase.
The Windows subsystem for Android has recently received a major update that has improved the integration and interoperability of Android applications while running Windows 11.

Preview available for this Internal Dave Channel, and here’s the complete change log: Windows subsystem for Android has been updated to Android 12.1, latest networking has been enabled by default for the latest Windows x64 build, updated Windows subsystem for the Android Settings app, and redesigned U. Added, Simpleperf CPU profile logging now works with Windows subsystem for Android. It’s still.

The Windows taskbar now shows which Android app is using the microphone, and location, improvements to Android app notifications are displayed as Windows notifications. Less Flickr when apps are recovered from a smaller state. In recent Windows builds, apps don’t restart when devices are out of connected standby. New video hardware decoding (VP8 and VP9), fixes for on-screen keyboards in apps, fixes for fullscreen Android apps, and Windows subsystem for Android updated with the automatically hidden Windows taskbar, Chromium Webview 100. And it doesn’t end there, showing the enormity of the update.

Added support for Android NetworkLocationProvider GPS location provider, Overall stability, improved performance and reliability.

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