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Time for big news on Android Home too. 5 New Apps Revealed Which You Shouldn’t Miss On Your Smartphone For Any Reason. Here are all the details on this

As always, many new Android apps have also been released this week. The Google Play Store It is best known for the many services available to its consumers, often free of charge and which cater to every need of the users. Ability to extend without any limitations and also to widgets.

These are 5 new apps for Android that you must not miss on your device (Adobe Stock)

Especially, today we talk 5 brand new applications Which should not be missing inside your smartphone. All of these are very useful and in some cases can make your life easier in certain activities

5 new apps have just been released for Android smartphones

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Some are free, others require a small fee (Adobe Stock).

One of the many apps released for Android is one we recommend Notification shortcut. It is a free service that will give you the ability to access all your apps and tools through shortcuts quickly and easily How? Just pin them to the notification screen or lock screen. Each icon can instead be customized through the various icon packs made available. It costs only €0.69 and has no ads.

Another interesting service is Pinned Shortcuts Which, along the lines of the first one, gives you the possibility to reorganize all the shortcuts so that you don’t have a series of icons that saturate the home screen. In fact, they can be placed under a single icon, such as a pin. Then everything is free!

Then there is Measurement: Converter and Scanner, a free app that gives you the ability to quickly convert quantities to other units of measurement. For example, “three glasses of milk” will be immediately converted to grams, so that the recipe is not incorrect. Just take a picture of the listing to get the results.

Then we advise you Nothing – Bespoke widgets, an app that will give you the ability to create a collection with all widgets, graphics elements and static or animated backgrounds. With a simple and minimal design, in cost 1,79 euros. at the end Pix Monochrome Icon Pack, a real package of adaptive icons that change according to light or dark mode. You can use them for modest sums 1,99 euros.

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