Android VS iOS: Tech KO for Green Robot, 50 Million Users Download Launcher That Emulates iPhone! –


An unprecedented technological KO hit Google’s green robot in the face. The iOS emulator launcher, available for download on Android, has been downloaded by over 50 million users. It’s a self-evident fact that Cupertino’s curiosity about biting apples.

iOS 16 lands on Android and … a shock! – 22822

iOS 16 He is ready to conquer newcomers iPhone 14 e iPhone 14 ProAvailable for purchase soon September 7 incident (not official yet). Obviously, like every year there is a new operating system It will be exclusive to the new model – and not only -, without being available to the opponent Android. But in the last few hours a launcher has been found It will mimic its appearance and functionality. And apparently green robot users really like it.

Yes, because the app Launcher iOS 16 – This is the name of the launcher – It downloaded well 50 million times. developer luteinh He definitely got it right and apparently Android users love the idea of ​​getting a taste of iPhone style. And love it! This is a launcher that has been available for several years already, since the days of iOS 13, with a Annual updates that shape its appearance to look identical to its official counterpart Apple released for its iPhone.

iOS 16 on Android? This concept drives users crazy

iOS 16 lands on Android and ... a shock!  - 22822
iOS 16 lands on Android and … a shock! – 22822

However, its data 50 million downloads remains incredible. Who can imagine a number based on Android that often pontificates against Apple, discriminates against it and criticizes its choices? But there’s more: another launcher, called a clone Phone 13 Launchergenerated in turn An additional 50 million downloadsfor the total 100 million Download two apps that will turn Android phones into iPhones.

Specifically, what developer luteinh Nothing but a tool capable of creating Homepage simulation And, in general, similar, if not identical, UI and UX design to iOS offered by Apple. There is no shortage of it control centerThe Dock the iOSThe icon… In short, Illusion is a fusion product between Android and iOS in your hands. Obviously it’s a simple tool that overlaps the operating system, which remains Android and doesn’t change to iOS.

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