Anker has introduced the Bio Charging Cable and Nano 3 Power Adapter


New smartphone accessories just ahead of iPhone launch

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On the final day of IFA, Ankar pulled two small innovations out of a hat. It’s a bio-charger cable that’s part plant and a compact USB-C power adapter More information about the Anker 541, Anker 543 and Anker Nano 3 cables is now available.

To coincide with the new iPhones Apple introduced on September 7th, Anker released two new charging accessories today. For bio charging cables, Anker relies on renewable materials as they exist 40 percent from plants such as corn and sugar beets. Through this, the manufacturing company wants to play a role in reducing plastic.

Despite its biological structure, the cable is particularly stable: it must withstand loads of up to 80 kilograms and Can withstand over 20,000 turns. Bio charging cable 1,8 meters long And supports charging power up to 100 watts. It is now available in blue, green, purple, black and white. It costs (Anker 541) with Lightning connector 19,99 euros And with USB-C on both sides (Anker 543), the price amounts 17,99 euros.

More compact than ever: Nano 3

Also, with the Nano 3, Anker now has another USB-C power supply in the range. That offers a maximum performance 30 watts And so can quickly charge iPhones, Samsung smartphones and other USB-C devices. The manufacturer relies on gallium nitride, specifically its own GaNPrime technology, which reduces dimensions Very compact Standing at 2.8 × 2.8 × 3.5 cm (without charging contacts), the Nano 3 is even slightly slimmer and smaller than the Nano II.

Active Shield 2.0 is supposed to protect against overheating. According to the manufacturer, the technology monitors the internal temperature more than three million times a day and, if in doubt, adjusts the output power. Supports power supply 100 to 240 volts input voltage and can be used accordingly, for example on vacation in the US. Nano 3 (Anchor 511) is for now 24,99 euros Available in blue, green, purple, black and white.

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